Speed Ball

Speed Ball
Art No: TI-SB-0002

Speed ball/bag made of high quality cowhide leather with steel swivel and fixings. 

It has an inflatable bladder which can be filled using a football pump. The speed ball has a tie 

design with laces and the bladder can be replaced if needed. The swivel can be fixed to a suitable 

surface and comes complete with the fixings. It is perfectly shaped for accurate rebounds. Build 

your hand speed or improve your cardiovascular conditioning with this high quality speed ball. 

Whether you learning to keep your hands up, improve hand-eye coordination or learning to shift weight 

between feet when punching it is the perfect choice for the job. Great addition to a home gym or 

professional Boxing/MMA clubs.

Boxing speed ball reinforced with top grade cowhide leather

Light weight and shaped for accurate rebound

Strong double stitching for durability

Fully lined for strength, speed and durability

Comes with high quality swivel with fixings

Size: Pcs

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